A few posts that people seem to like/read the most, or I like, or both.

Caddisfly Weirdos - By far my most read piece of writing, about some strange caddisflies that are parasites or parasitoids of other insects.

CHT Townsend, Vandal of the Calypterates. Part I. - The first part in my five part series on the taxonomic terrorist Charles Henry Tyler Townsend, his origin of villainy, the bridges he burned, and his eventual fall into obscurity.

The Impartiality Ethic - A post about potential changes to the way ethics is viewed in zoological nomenclature and the potential consequences thereof. The most comments I've ever received on a post.

Clearing Insects: Lactic Acid versus KOH - A methods post on how taxonomists should best decide what kind of tissue-clearing agent should be used for genitalic preparations. I have no idea why this post got the attention it did, but here it is.

This is not a post about nomenclature - My "coming out as trans in academia" story. Overall positive.

Book Review: The Fly Trap - My favorite stand alone post on this blog. Morgan Jackson called this "so beautiful that you may very well enjoy reading [the review] more than the book itself".

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