Gathered posts about particular topics.

CHT Townsend, Vandal of the Calypterates follows the career and burned bridges of a taxonomist responsible for describing 1500 genera over his lifetime (95% of these with a single species).

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Book reviews includes some of my posts reviewing books related to insect diversity, natural history, and the history of taxonomy.

Darwin and the Barnacle
Naming Nature
Field Notes on Science and Nature
The Fly Trap

Trichoptera (caddisflies) are an order of aquatic insects known for making fancy underwater houses with silk. They were also my first taxonomic love and the focal research group during my master's degree.

Chathamiidae (marine caddisflies; some lay their eggs into the stomachs of starfish!!)
Phryganeidae (giant casemakers)
Limnocentropodidae (tethered casemakers)
Caddisfly weirdos (my most read post of all time; covers some strange life histories of certain caddisfly groups, including parasites and parasitoids)

The story behind, where I give a backstory of authored papers.

Azana sinusa: range and new records
Range and variation of Ocetis parva

ICZNerdery, in which I outline my continuing nerdery for the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and biological nomenclature in general.

Six Principles of the ICZN: Binomial Nomenclature
Six Principles of the ICZN: Priority
Six Principles of the ICZN: Coordination
Six Principles of the ICZN: First Reviser
When Homonymy Goes Wrong
Publication, Availability, and Nomen Nuda
The Impartiality Ethic
The hollow curve, lumpers versus splitters, and arbitrary (yet useful) ranks
A general reference system for all biology
Why do we change species names when they switch genera?
The ICZN is broke. Anyone have a hat?
ICZN funded...for now
Post-review of problems in electronic publication of names.
Zoobank is down (the future of taxonomic publishing)

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