Monday, November 14, 2011

Picture of the Week: My Childhood.

This insect case of dragonflies was filled by my father. I remember him collecting some of these; most were collected before I was born. The specimens are faded by years of light, but they are still valuable to me, and remind me of my childhood. I still associate mothballs with the smell of home due to these old converted jewelry boxes.


Anonymous said...

I'd give anything to still have the actual insects I first collected as a boy.

ZL "Kai" Burington said...

I don't have the first insects I collected, but at least I'll always have my parents' collections. My high school collection is lost to time (and dermestids). And the specimens I do have aren't labeled in any way (or are only labeled with numbers, as in the picture), so they are just pretty to look at and not scientifically valuable. I didn't realize their value, and wouldn't have known how to do things properly if I did.