Monday, May 15, 2017

Using Inkscape for Biological Illustration, Version 1.1.

I'm releasing an updated version of the UIBI book today, with the following changes.

-Minor editing and changes to figure names in all chapters.
-Minor updates to several chapters, including "Detailing" and "Special Structures" (formerly Setae and Hairs).
-Major rewrite of the "Shading" chapter.

I was planning to wait a few months before publishing a new version, but my previous ideas about hatching and stippling in Inkscape were so very very wrong. I have literally wasted tens of hours of my life (or more!) trying to make regular hatch and stipple patterns in Inkscape using work around methods, when the "Pattern" fill option works very well for both of these if you understand how to adjust the density of the pattern. I only discovered this today. Ugh. Fortunately, shading isn't a major part of my line art style. And everyone else can learn from my mistakes. There is also a new curved hatching method included, using the Calligraphy Tool.

UIBI Version 1.1


cool gear infuser said...

i like it

Nick said...

These posts have been amazing. I did not see a gallery of art work posted on your blog but that would be really helpful, or even more WIP screenshots. I think once I finish my current paper, I'll switch to Inkscape.